This masterpiece of electronic Psy music is a blender between Absolutzero and Fat Data. Their debut Ep. As you would expect is a party mover that dwelves from the stomping psychedelia to the allmighty dancefloor psy bangers. Miss not this fine Landmark release!

Va String Theory is the new compilation from Landmark Presenting previously unreleased tracks from many inhouse and guest artists allover the world. This time our favorite Dj Bluespace has done the compile of this very carefully crafted dancefloor heavy stomper.

There are no compromises here, its an all out balls to the walls party tool full of psychedelic progressive and some fusion psytrance killers to bang any soundsystem hard. Dj Bluespace made sure that any psy dj can find a track in there to fit his needs. All artists worked specially for this so be sure to have a usable tool in you dj bag to fit any hour of the party. Mastered at Fat studios and provided in high quality sonic performance for a guarranteed ultra psychedelic trip for your ears and mind.

This masterpiece of electronic dance music is a blender between Waveform and Fat Data. As you would expect its a party stomper that dwelves from the raging 3ple bass prog psy to more deep and esoteric progressive psychedelia. This collabs shows the diversity that the two artist share and the perfect balance of weirdness from Fat Data to the more Club psy of Waveforms sound that blends beautifly into a mixer of sounds and emotions. Its clean and dirty at the same time.. its a trip. Proudly Released on Landmark Recordings.

This masterpiece of electronic dance music is the 2nd Ep release from one of our favorite artists. Lazaros aka Waveform has crafted an axtraordinary piece of contemprorary electronica that touches all the right buttons on all the right places. Deep elusive atmospheres complimented by solid rythmic structures evolving into musical stories directly into your cerebral cortex. Its psychedelia at its finnest to say the least. Get your copies and join the Landmark party!

Impulse VA compiled by the head of the state Murus himself. A selection of inbred artists and favorable guests. You know what to expect.. a gathering of the most loved unreleased tracks from his personal stash that rocks the dancefloors. Hitting with all powers every track is a party stomper to suck you in a state of pure psychedelia. Murus has done it again

Its Dj Doc time this time... We have the honor of having him aboard and now we have the honor of listening to his compilation. True in style and sound its nothing less of what someone can expect from the

Doc him self.

From deep and darker to fun and happy but all solidly made to provide a great sense of the depth and artistic integrity from the compiler.

This masterpiece of electronic music from Soundragon is a new digital release showing that his blend of solid grooves has generated an interesting style full of pounding beats and throbing basslines, all making it up for an unforgetable ride into the musical universe of this unique artist. His sounds are strong, lush and generates a outstanding vibe on the dance floors. Top notch production ensures a very high quality product. This “Pumping" EP is the result of his work and brings a unique blend of progressive trance with psychedelic roots and powerfull energy.

Mr John Fasma is on fire lately. This new Ep. from our beloved producer is touching multiple grounds this time. Great flow stompers that pound the floors strong and hard but always with the finesse and craftsmanship that defines his sound to be an absolut joy on stage. We get into 2015 with a vengeance and we plan to bring you more from him.

Ametron - Fat and Tasty Ep.

This masterpiece of music is the debut release of Tigran Mkrtchian aka Ametron from Greece, presenting his"Fat & Tasty" EP

Joe Rifmann Rifmannia Ep.

This masterpiece of electronic dance music is coming from Joe Rifmann a new digital release showing...

Fasma - Remote Ep.

This masterpiece of electronic dance music is coming from Fasma a new

digital release showing..

Waveform - Time Ep.

This masterpiece of music is the debut release of Nazar Yoganson aka Waveform from greece,presenting 4 previously..

Axer & Shabot - Bass Addiction Ep

This masterpiece of music is the debut release of Axer & Shabot from Mexico

dwelving deep into the psygressive..


Circle - Psychic Abilities Ep.

This masterpiece of electronic dance music is the fresh EP release of Circle from sweden, presenting 3 previously unreleased..

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